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Junk Removal Pricing for 2022

Important Notes:

We Haul Away just about everything, with very few exceptions. 

✅Junk is Indoors/not Trailer Accessible? (Can't back trailer right up to Junk) 

adds $25/Quarter Trailer Load

✅If loose debris, & (bagging, gathering, dismantling) is required
adds $25/Quarter Trailer Load
✅Busted or Overloaded Trash Bags/Boxes

adds $28/per
✅Refrigerators & Freezers must be empty of Food/Drinks



⛔️We cannot remove items from upstairs
IMPORTANT NOTE: If we find Hazard items while unloading your junk at the dump, $100 fee will be applied to your invoice. If the dump hits us with a fine, we will pass that along as well.  
=] You have been warned.

Single Item Pickup Requests We Commonly get:
(this applies to picking up a single item, this is not a "per" price. Having Multiple items would graduate your pickup to a 1/4 Load ($128) in most cases)


  • Standard Couch...$99

  • Sleeper/Recliner Couch...$148

  • Sectional Couch...$148-229

  • Appliance...$99

  • Commercial Appliance...$199+

  • Standard Furniture...$99

  • Bed Frame...$99

  • Twin to Queen Mattress...$99

  • King Mattress...$119

  • California King...$149

  • Piano...$249-449

  • Hot Tub...$399-499

  • Trampoline...$99-149

Brush Loads
Limbs must be 14ft or shorter. Note: The longer/wider the brush, the more volume it will take up. (We don't cut brush, we just load as is)


  • 1/4 Load - $149

  • 1/2 Load - $199

  • 3/4 Load - $249

  • Full Load - $299

Heavy Junk Load Rates
Beyond standard household weight/size. 
Construction Debris/Trash, 


Rock, Dirt, Concrete, etc.
Quoted Per Project, must be assessed on-site


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