CANNOT HAUL: Liquids, Food, Kitchen Trash, Smelly Trash, Paint, Cylinders, Tanks, Shingles

Pricing updated 11/23/22
Payments are due same day. 
$35/Day Late fee policy has been implemented for unpaid invoices. 

These Rates Apply to Standard Household Junk that is Trailer Accessible
Construction Debris, Remodel Trash adds $75 to Load Cost. 


One Single Item

Appliance, Mattress, Couch, etc. 


$59 with discount


1/2 Trailer Load

7ft x 6ft x 5ft

$169 with discount

Full Trailer Load of Junk Removal

Full Trailer Load

14ft x 6ft x 5ft

$369 with discount


1/4 Trailer Load

3.5ft x 6ft x 5ft

$69 with discount

3/4 Trailer Load of Junk Removal

3/4 Trailer Load

10.5ft x 6ft x 5ft

$269 with discount

Yard Waste & Brush

1/4 Trailer Load $99
1/2 Trailer Load $149
3/4 Trailer Load $199
Full Trailer Load $249

If not trailer accessible, adds $25/Quarter Load

If you cannot tell how much your pickup will be by the Chart and Pricing information , you can click Get a Quote below to fill out the form.  Be sure to include as much detail as possible. Pictures of what you need removed help the most. As soon as we receive this inquiry, we will get with you right away on pricing.