Junk Removal Pricing for 2022

If you are not able to tell how much your pickup will be by the pricing chart, send us a message and we can answer any questions you may have or fill out the form below. 
Updated 2.19.22

Important Notes Below This Chart

Trailer Rates Only.png

We Haul Away just about everything, with very few exceptions. 

✅Junk is Indoors/not Trailer Accessible? (Can't back trailer right up to Junk) 

adds $25/Quarter Trailer Load

✅If loose debris, & (bagging, gathering, dismantling) is required
adds $25/Quarter Trailer Load
✅Busted or Overloaded Trash Bags/Boxes

adds $28/per
✅Refrigerators & Freezers must be empty of Food/Drinks



⛔️We cannot remove items from upstairs
IMPORTANT NOTE: If we find Hazard items while unloading your junk at the dump, $100 fee will be applied to your invoice. If the dump hits us with a fine, we will pass that along as well.  
=] You have been warned.

Single Item Pickup Requests We Commonly get:
(this applies to picking up a single item, this is not a "per" price. Having Multiple items would graduate your pickup to a 1/4 Load ($128) in most cases, unless size of load exceeds a 1/4 Load - See Chart).


  • Standard Couch...$99

  • Sleeper/Recliner Couch...$148

  • Sectional Couch...$148-229

  • Appliance...$99

  • Commercial Appliance...$199+

  • Standard Furniture...$99

  • Bed Frame...$99

  • Twin to Queen Mattress...$99

  • King Mattress...$119

  • California King...$149

  • Hot Tub...$399-499

  • Piano...$249-449

  • Trampoline...$99-149

Brush Loads
(We don't cut brush, we just load as is)

  • 1/4 Load - $149

  • 1/2 Load - $199

  • 3/4 Load - $249

  • Full Load - $299

Heavy Junk
Beyond standard weight/size Junk.
Rock, Dirt, Concrete, etc.

  • Add $75/Quarter Trailer Load to Standard Junk Pricing

Quoted Per Project, Best assessed on-site


Hours of Operation

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Sun: Closed